As it seeks to heal the fracture between art and science, Ecotropics approaches the problem of the environment from a human cultural perspective. Ecotropics comes from the root Eco, "the hearth" (ecology and economy) and tropics, "to turn towards" (heliotropic and psychotropic). It represents the ongoing effort to create a unified field for humanity to live well within the wide, but limited, scope of nature.

Ecotropics brings a multi-disciplinary approach to exploring all aspects of the relationship[s] between culture and ecology, art and the environment. Ecotropics offers an alternative to repressive manifestations of human spirit and ethics and holds that for culture to be healthy, it must exist as if in an ecological niche and thereby relate appropriately with all the fields of forces of nature, organic and inorganic.

Ecotropics insists on real dialogue on all these points. Ecotropics is interested in form and understands it as "the shape of content."

Ecotropic Works (founded by John Campion--photo below) is part of a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, The Open Theatre (Federal identification number 74-2164362). Please consider sending a tax-deductible donation to the address below--we work very hard to see that as much money as possible goes to real projects and real people.

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(An anthology of Ecotropic Works)
LC # 98-88693
ISBN 0-941179-97-4

Essays, Photographs, Poems, Drawings.

Includes works by T.J. Mabrey, John Campion, John Herndon, John Christian, William Sullivan, Ken Fontenot, Solveig Turpin, David G. Robinson, Jay Peck, Paul Christensen, Vandana Shiva, Peggy Kelley, Mario Zuniga, Mel Kenne, Lynn Margulis, Robert Bonazzi, Theodore Roszak, Rachel Loden, Philip Trussell, and Steven Feld.

* $25.00

Squaring the Circle
LC # 98-96776
ISBN 0-941179-96-6

Book-length Poem (230 pgs.) Winner of The Blue Star Foundation Award for Art in Service to the Earth.
Second part of an Ecotropic critique of Western culture.

* $ 25.00

Tongue Stones
LC # 98-96775
ISBN 0-941179-95-8

Book-length Poem (290 pgs.) Winner of The Austin Book Award and The Violet Crown Award.
First part of an Ecotropic Critique of Western culture

* $ 25.00

Purchased together
Tongue Stones and Squaring the Circle (40.00)

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